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The tiny and sunny island Singapore was founded in 1819.  It has transformed itself from a small little fishing village into one of the most prosperous countries in the world, and also the busiest port.

Modern City

Singapore is a modern city with many skyscrapers.  It has a well designed and efficient transport system that move almost the whole nation daily.

Singapore is a densely populated country with 6 million people living on the island. The main part of the city is in the South.  The financial district is to the south of the island and that is where all the world’s financial corporations are based.

Windy and Hot

Singapore is an island surrounded by sea.  It is windy and hot.  The good thing about Singapore is that although it is hot, it is windy throughout the day and almost the whole year round.

It is easy to get around the island and only 1 hour from east to west.  It enjoys summer weather all year round and is a favorite getaway for many western tourists during their cold winter.


Singapore is a place where multiracials co-exist in harmony.  It is a country that base on performance and not race.  It provides a fair opportunity for anyone who wish to excel.  No one is excluded.

Singaporean are Lucky

If you are a Singaporean, you are some of the luckiest people on earth.  Unemployment is at all time low, less than 2%.  It is an amazing feat for a country with no natural resources.  It is a peaceful country and you seldom find people taking the street and protests.  Singaporean prefers to spend time doing more meaningful stuff than going around protesting and shouting.

The people in Singapore has a high trust in their government.  This is not something you find in any of the countries in the world.  This trust is earned through years of good and transparent governing.

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